• The subsidy item is increased by 227 million euros

  • The debt with CERN, which is being carried over from 2010, will be settled

Image result for Carmen VelaThe proposal of General State Budgets 2016 allocates 1.765 million euros of non-financial expenditure to the Secretary of State for R + D + i, belonging to the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. The department led by Carmen Vela will have 227 million euros more for direct aid to R & D & i -including subsidies and transfers -15% more than the 1.511 million in 2015.

In the section of financial expense, the Secretary of State will have 2,446 million euros, 9% less than the previous year, (twittealo) amount allocated mostly to loans for companies, which are not sued in full.

Much of the increase in direct aid to R & D & I will go to regions with greater needs for development in science and technology. The Autonomous Communities that may have more funds for R + D + i activities in 2016 are Andalusia, Extremadura, Canary Islands, Castilla La Mancha, Murcia, Galicia and Asturias. Among the actions to be undertaken in these regions is the boost that the Bioeconomy Strategy will receive, which includes the agri-food sector, biomass, bioenergy and bioproducts, or the marine and maritime sector.

The commitment of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness for international organizations is reinforced, with the third consecutive budget increase for this item. In total, more than 158 million euros will be allocated, 10 more than the previous year. In recent years Spain is increasing its presence in the main international organizations, such as the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), the European Southern Observatory (ESO), the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) or the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF). ). In 2016, the debt with CERN, which will be carried over from 2010, will be practically paid, since of the 158 million, 103 are destined to their quota.

Transfers from the State Secretariat of R + D + i for the operation of Public Research Bodies (OPIs) have increased by 20 million euros compared to 2015, to 828 million euros. Highlights the 467 million to the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), 1.9% more than in 2015; 165 million for the Carlos III Health Institute (ISCIII), or 78 million to the Center for Energy, Environmental and Technological Research (CIEMAT), 10.5% more than in this year. In addition, transfers to the Instituto Astrofísico de Canarias have increased by 17.6% for 2016, which translates into 10.7 million euros.

As for the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), the main driver of innovation in Spain, will have 30 million euros for direct aid, 35.7% more than the previous year.

Spring Cleaning: Bring Your Apartment on Front Man

Image result for spring homeAfter we in the first blog post, “spring cleaning: create space for new and save money,” our spring cleaning blog series have given some helpful tips for general spring cleaning, we explain in the second blog post, how to bring fresh wind through a change of scenery in your home.

Spring is approaching and many are already beginning to renovate their home. The winter often leaves traces on the houses, which must be removed. A simple spring cleaning on the balcony, terrace and in the garden is often no longer sufficient. When winter is over, renovation is not only needed outdoors. Especially when it is determined in the lease that the apartment must be maintained regularly, a renovation is also necessary indoors. But the change of scenery does wonders and, above all, it has a liberating effect. Walls must be painted, wallpapers applied and frames painted. A craftsman is usually required for these and other craft activities. But it costs a lot of money. If you want to save money, buy your own wallpaper and wall paint and just go. The necessary money for the materials you lend you quite comfortable with the Xpresscredit.


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