4 reasons why you need Life Insurance

Image result for life insuranceWe have all raised the possibility of hiring a life insurance , but in many cases it is associated with the signing of a mortgage with a financial institution. But, what other reasons can lead us to hire this type of service? We tell you!

4 reasons to have life insurance

  1. Family economy

A Life Insurance is very important for your family . Although the possibilities are small, in case of death your family will have an economic support that will compensate the loss of the deceased’s salary.

  1. Study of your children

As in the family economy, a loss can affect the future of those you love most. That they do not remain without studies. With a Life Insurance you will guarantee the future of the little ones in the house.

  1. Mortgage

Mortgage Life Insurance has always been related. If at home you have a loan with a bank, do not doubt that a solution to ensure the payment of housing in a Life Insurance. In Aegon, in addition, at an unbeatable price.

  1. Medical expenses

In unlikely cases of disability after an accident you will ensure the best medical or special care you may need.

What does a Life Insurance cover and how is its price calculated?

What does a Life Insurance cover and how is its price calculated?

A Life Insurance basically covers death and absolute permanent disability . It also includes:

  • Double capital due to death in accident
  • Advance payment of € 3,000 for inheritance tax
  • Psychological care for you or your family
  • Payment facilities and discounts
  • Legal advice
  • Optional coverage for Cancer.

Its price is calculated based on various factors (age, profession, state of health, among others …). The monthly payment is usually not very high, it will depend on the capital you want to insure.

For example, a 34-year-old man could secure up to € 51,000 in capital from just € 8.25 per month.

Why choose Aegon Full Life Insurance?

Because we have created a product designed for you and your family, with full coverage and that guarantees 100% of the insured capital.

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