4 tactics to get a better job

1. Create an attractive curriculumImage result for artistic cv

A CV is a very important cover letter that will speak for you. Leave the outdated models and try to maximize your skills and experience. There are several tools on the internet that will help you to give a great design and format to your CV; however, that does not mean that you create an informal curriculum.

Laszlo Bock, former head of human resources at Google, only selected the best CVs in the recruitment process for Google employees. He focused on the fact that a CV should have an extension of maximum one page. “One page of curriculum for every 10 years of experience”. So do not put the primary school in which you studied, nor the address of your house, because those are not relevant aspects. In addition, the curricula with errors of spelling and with lies completely discarded them.

Another important quality that your curriculum must have are your achievements and abilities. Emphasize what you have done well in your work or academic experiences and provide measurable results.

2. Search in your university’s job bank

Do not make the big mistake of being a graduate and not create a profile in your university’s job bank. There you can find various opportunities and agreements that your university has with different companies or organizations. In addition, many companies search the university job boards because they are more inclined towards the profile of the students of certain universities.

3. Search on recognized job search platforms

Currently there are so many job platforms that it is difficult to decide on one and know in which to put our CV. Platforms that were once very large and to which many people flocked, have now become of little value to users.

It is necessary to make sure that you are on the correct platform, because otherwise looking for a good job will be a complicated and even disappointing task. According to your area there are already specialized and reliable sites that only allow prestigious companies to publish there. We recommend using sites like Fric Martinez , Indeed and Jooble.

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4. Maintain a wide network of contacts

The best option to find a job are the people we know throughout our lives. The contacts that we are forming can come from friends, family, colleagues, meetings, etc. Do not underestimate your interpersonal relationships and ask your acquaintances if they know of any job offer or if there is a vacancy in your company.