If you are a teacher, you have a spoiled place in Credifiel

Steps to transform a debt into extra moneyOne of your dreams is to have a business of your own? You, like me, surely you also dreamed about this. In my case, my father was a taxi driver for many years and although it was not a business of those that have an establishment, of course it became the family business, which we could support for many years.

I was 13 when my father bought the car. I witnessed the effort he made to have all the money and I also accompanied him to the agency when he bought it. Joy and satisfaction could see them in his eyes. From that moment, I knew that I also wanted to experience, at least once in my life, the fact of being in the same situation, fulfilling one of my biggest dreams.

As I grew older, that idea persisted in my head. Of course, times change and the situation became more complicated. Every time the salaries reached for less and later, I had my children. I have always known that my vocation was in teaching, so for several years now I have been teaching elementary school children in a public institution.

It is always very motivating to see how, year after year, new generations come and go and we have the opportunity to see them grow. In addition, it is also gratifying to receive the comments of mothers who are aware of the growth and learning of their children. Without a doubt, I have always been very clear that being in this industry is one of the things that I love the most, however, we all have some other skills that are important to apply for life.

Being a teacher is something that has left me many satisfactions and I also want to continue having them. In my yearnings to withdraw from an educational institution, I want to continue teaching but it is also true that the salary we receive from public education teachers is not high. Actually many of us hardly and we have enough to live.

One of the most recurrent thoughts I have had in recent days is that in a few years my dream to start a business as my father did, would be to be truncated. Even though I am not an older person, I do not think I can save much to start my business. This considering that my children are growing and soon the university will come, besides, I have to pay all the expenses of the house and everything that a family needs.

When I was young, I once participated in an electricity and electronics workshop where I learned to use many tools and, above all, to carry out one of the most necessary activities in daily life. For several years, before my children were born, my free time occupied them in doing work inside the houses, it was like a home service in which I could get my clients who, in turn, helped me get more work. With the passage of time this became more than a hobby.

Although at some point in life this was a good business option, today I could not resume it. Although it is a very recurring and above all, very requested work, it is also necessary to dedicate a lot of time to each of the visits that must be done to check the damaged places. Nowadays this is quite complicated because I have children and also, I have to prepare the materials for my school.

So, what business would be the one that could start? For many days I’ve been thinking about this. Sometimes I get a little sad of not finding an answer that makes me feel satisfied. During the last months I have been wanting to learn about cars and the tools necessary to fix them, however, the classes, the materials and besides seeing this activity as a business, it is too expensive and I could not save to start a workshop in a short time.

In this moment of my life, besides wanting the business as a dream of my own, I also want it to be able to have extra income. I need to start thinking about the future of my children and also what I will do when I retire from class. One of the mothers of the school, she is also my friend and one day while talking with her she advised me to request a loan that would allow me to learn mechanics and at the same time, put my own workshop.

She told me that this is a very lucrative business and that in a short time I could get a great return on investment so that little by little the loan would be paid practically alone. After much thinking I decided to investigate about the credits although the truth, I was a bit afraid to ask a loan to the bank.

My friend also told me to ask at the institution where I work if they could give me some kind of credit because generally the government has agreements with some credit institutions and the whole process becomes simpler. Trying to flee the bank, sincerely what my friend told me was what I took as the first option.

Indeed, Credifiel and my institution of public education have agreements that allow them to grant credits for government teachers and with the advantage that they are via payroll, in this way, interest is reduced considerably and you will not have to pay two or even three times the amount you requested.

This news was wonderful for me since the procedures were very simple and I did not need more than a few hours to decide to get the loan. From that moment on, I only had to start investing the money. I already knew what I wanted so I just needed to do it.

Mechanics and business classes began to take shape. In a short time, my workshop was positioned within the colony and I was also able to hire a couple of other workers to help me while I continued teaching and teaching the children of the future of Mexico.

Meta description: At Credifiel we support public education teachers to fulfill each of their dreams through credits for government workers. That is why if you are a teacher you have a place allowed in Credifiel.